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Deep Tissue Massage


Deep-tissue massage is one of the most effective and affordable ways of reducing chronic pain.Deep-tissue massage increases the flow of blood through the body, which will help diminish theinflammation that causes pain. Deep-tissue massage can also help alleviate muscle tension, whichis often a side-effect of chronic pain, by loosening adhesions (a.k.a., knots).


Studies have shown that deep-tissue massage can have an immediate effect on lowering bloodpressure levels (both systolic and diastolic). It does this simply by easing stress and tension in thebody. Deep-tissue massage has also shown to increase the body’s production of serotonin, ahormone that promotes peace of mind and happiness.

Breaks Up Scar Tissue

Over a length of time, deep-tissue massage can help break up and eventually eradicate scar tissuein the muscles. It accomplishes this by improving lymphatic circulation and drainage to generateextra flexibility and range of motion in the problem area. Scar tissue often accompanies chronic painand stiffness, so deep-tissue massage can help lessen these symptoms.

Rehabilitates Injured Muscles

Deep-tissue massage helps draw toxins out of the muscles and eases adhesions, which promoteshealing in the body. Massage helps relax muscles, which will free up deep pain from injuries.Deep-tissue massage is often utilized to rehabilitate sports, automobile and accidental injuries.

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